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High-Performance Chevy Bolt Engines Phoenix, AZ

Experience the power and pure driving excitement that comes with our high-performance Chevy bolt engines in Phoenix, AZ. Engine House Inc. is your source for automotive engine remanufacturing and troubleshooting, giving you an edge on the road ahead. Our broad inventory of parts and our team of mechanics deliver solutions that make a difference.

Proven Race-Winning Experience

Whether you are behind the wheel of a street rod or a 4X4, you will immediately notice the difference when you have the Chevrolet 350/325 HP 4-Bolt High-Performance Balanced Crate Engine under your hood. With the help of our professional machine shop, we remanufacture this engine with an emphasis on precision.

Chevrolet 350/325 HP

Starting with a 4-bolt heavy-duty Chevy small block, we assemble this unleaded fuel-compatible engine complete with valve covers, timing change cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer, flexplate, and intake manifold. The completed engine features new parts, including:

• Seal Power Hypereutectic Flat top Pistons and Rings • Pioneer Spiral Thin Wall Value Guides
• Clevite 77 Main and Rod Bearings • Melling Push Rods
• Durabond Camshaft Bearings • Chrome Timing Cover, Value covers, Oil Pan, Dipstick & Tube, and Breather
• Dynagear 3 P.C. Dual Timing Kit • Professional Products Polished Dual Plane Intake Manifold (NON-EGR)
• Pioneer Rod Bolts, Nuts, and Brass Freeze Plugs • G.M. Retainers and .060 UP Value Locks
• Fel Pro Full Gasket Kit • Pioneer Harmonic Balancer and Flex Plate
• Johnson Value Lifters • Melling High-Volume Oil Pump, Pickup Screen, and Drive Rod

a Leading-Edge Shop for Automotive Repairs and More

Choose a team of engine specialists that have been in business since 1978. We've sold thousands of engines like the Chevy 350 R.V. motor to a broad array of satisfied clients. Our shop is equipped with state-of-the-art machining tools, including:

  • Sunnen CV-616 Power Stroking Hone
  • Sunnen VGS-20 Seat and Guide Machine
  • Sunnen block and head resurfacer
  • Kwik-Way boring bar
  • Sunnen valve resurfacer
  • Sunnen CH-100 line hone
  • Computer balancing machine
  • Sunnen Power-stroked rod hone
  • Berco Crank Grinder

Take advantage of our free shipping (Arizona Residents add 8.2% sales tax) offer without a core requirement. When you work with our team, your Chevy 350 motor is remanufactured through a process that includes:

  • Engine Block, Cylinder Heads, and Crankshafts are Heated to 700 Degrees, Shot Blasted and Tumbled for Perfect Cleaning and Magnafluxed for Any Cracks or Defects
  • We Brush All Oil Galleys for Absolute Cleaning Inside and Out
  • All Crankshafts are Reground, Oil Holes Chamfered and Micro-Polished
  • All Blocks Bored and Honed to Size
  • New Camshaft Bearings Installed and New Camshaft Custom Fitted
  • Connecting Rods are Fitted with New Bolts and Nuts and Resized
  • Cylinder heads are Completely Remanufactured with New Thin Wall Guides, Performance Value Springs, New Value Steam Seals and Performance 3 Angle Seat Cut (Not Ground) Engine Rotating Assembly is Computer Balanced (Balance Sheet Included)
  • Every Engine Custom Built by Professional Builder
  • Engine Painted with High Gloss Engine Enamel
  • Engines are Test Ran on Running Stand to Test Compression, Oil Leaks and Oil Pressure and Flow

Unlimited Mileage Written Warranty

Each engine comes with a one-year unlimited mileage warranty and free shipping within Arizona. You save from $100 to $250, and payment is due within seven days of the auction end. If you have any questions, please call us at (602)-265-2752 or call toll-free (800)-797-6330.

The following forms of payment are accepted:
Visa, Mastercard, or Discover
Money order/cashier's check
Business/personal check (allow 10 days to clear prior to shipping)

Send payment to:
Engine House Inc.
4015 North Black Canyon Hwy.
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* Actual product shipped may vary slightly from the photo - all engines are custom built