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Automotive Machine Shop in Phoenix, AZ

Our automotive machine shop in Phoenix, AZ, rebuilds high-performance engines. Check out our engine pricing.

Note: Prices are shown for clean parts only! Unless cleaning is described in operation, it should be assumed that parts brought in from engines in service will warrant degreasing, gasket cleaning or stud removal charges.
Updated on: January 1, 2009

Cleaning Operations
Magnaflux Block For Cracks
Vat and Jet Cleaning ( per load)
Shot blast Block Only (cam bearings must be removed) $45.00
Shot blast Head (each disassembled)
Remove Cam Bearings
Remove Freeze Plugs
Stud Removal (per stud)
Thread Chase Bolt Hole (each)
Connecting Rod and Piston Work
Clean & Check Connecting Rod (each)
Disassemble Piston/Rod Assembly (each) $5.00
Press Piston on Rod Assembly (each) $8.75
Hone Piston Pin Bore (each) $9.75
Light Hone Rod Bearing Housing (each) $9..75
Recondition Connecting Rod (big end each) $12.75
Remove & Replace Bushing (small end each + bushing) $12.75
Remove & Replace Piston/Rod Assembly (each) $8.75
Crankshaft Work
Grind Crankshaft  ( 4 Cyl and 8 Cyl ) $129.95
Grind Crankshaft  ( 6 Cyl ) $129.95
Cylinder Work
Bore & Hone V8 $175.00
Bore & Hone V8 w/Torque Plates $225.00
Bore & Hone V6 $165.00
Bore & Hone 4 cyl. $145.00
Bore & Hone 1 cyl. $85.00
Hone 8 Cyl. Block $89.00
Hone 6 Cyl. Block $65.00
Hone 4 Cyl. Block $50.00
Hone 1 Cyl. Block $25.00
Machine Block for Press-in Sleeve (each, plus sleeve) $110.00
Head Work
Drill steam holes in SBC 350ci Heads for 400ci Conversion (pair) $95.00
Remove & Install Valve Guides (per guide with valve job + Guide) $5.00
Remove & Install Valve Guides (per guide without valve job + Guide) $10.00
Remove & Install Press-In Stud (per stud + stud) $15.00
Hardened Valve Seat Installation (each + seat) $26.50
Valve Job V-8 OHV  (cut seats,valves and assemble) $199.00
Valve Job V-6 OHV  (cut seats,valves and assemble) $189.00
Valve Job  4-Cyl        (cut seats,valves and assemble) $169.00
Value Job SOHC and DOHC  (call for price) Call
Performance Work
CC Cylinder Head $58.00
Degree Camshaft (includes offset keyway or dowel) $95.00
File Fit Performance Piston Rings (V8 Set) $95.00
Porting and Polishing (per hour) $95.00
Press Work
Remove & Replace Wheel Bearing (bearing not included per hour) $85.00
Disassemble Piston/Rod Assembly (each) $8.00
Block Surface (V-8 and V6 Block) $110.00
Block Surface (4 and 6 Cyl inline) 100.00
Cylinder Head Intake or Exhaust Face $68.50
Intake Manifold (inline) $48.00
Cylinder Head Surface (per head) $48.50
Exhaust Manifold (cast iron only each) $40.00
Miscellaneous Work
Bolt Extraction $28.50
Glass Bead Blasting (per hour) $85.00
Install Heli Coil $28.50
Mig Welding (per hour) $100.00
Remove & Replace Cam Bearings (bearings not included) $49.50
Remove & Replace Freeze Plugs (freeze plugs not included) $48.50
Popular Engine Prices
SBC 350 w/Roller Cam       (86-95)  exchange $1698.00
SBC 350 Non Roller Cam   (87-95)  exchange $1598.00
Ford 302 w/Roller Cam       (97-01)  exchange $1738.00
Ford 302 Non Roller Cam   (85-91)  exchange $1698.00


Our engine prices include a complete engine assembly with a customer supplied core. 
We require a 50% deposit before any machine work will be started.